We the Mars Marketing is an Exclusive buying house & a reliable manufacturer in Bangladesh. It is established on the First of January in 2001. Since 2001, we have been doing potential business with our celebrated customers in Europe, USA and a few reliable countries as per our chosen.

You, the Customers know; Bangladesh had a glorious history of textile in the past for her traditional Muslin. The lost tradition of textile was eventually regained through the successful and come back such a way of textile and Garments Media during the last decades.

Our world is one of the deliberate premeditated management and a consistent desire to fulfill our customers’ need of exceptional stage of quality Sweaters and Knit items.

* We have been exporting various kinds of sweaters for men / women / boys / girls.

* We have been exporting various kinds of t-shirts /polo shirts / sweatshirts / fleece hooded or non- hooded jackets / shorts / tops / boxers / briefs for men / women / boys / girls.

You know, we are fashionable world people, and have been spending our entire time in the fashion technology and development. Our experience is broad and our thoughtful of obtainable fashion tendency is profound.

Above all, we are bound to satisfy our customers and we appreciate the challenges that initially happen in a classically fast moving fashion world.

Our passion remains as strong as stone when we first started on our way to victory.

Thanks a lot
Mars Marketing

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